Tip of the Day

Use WinKey + Z to show the commands available in an App that is running in the Start (Metro) screen.

Q & A

Q.  Where do I find Microsoft product support information?
A.  To check the options that are available, visit the following Web site, and then select a product from the list: http://support.microsoft.com/select/?target=hub
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General Meeting Activities:

Here are some of the activities that go on at our monthly general meetings:

Membership sales and renewals.

Our membership table is open prior to the meeting to accept new membership applications, membership renewals and to answer membership questions.

New User Tutorials.

Free tutorials for members and non-members are held prior to the monthly meetings during the beginner's meeting.  The tutorials cover Windows operating systems, MS-Office and other standard applications usage, and getting on and getting around the World Wide Web.  Audience participation is encouraged and new users' questions are answered.

Interactive Q & A.

During the meeting, a question and answer period allows any attendee to express a question (or an announcement) to everyone attending the meeting.  Our "experts" will try to answer your technical questions, with help from everyone else in the audience. Other activities - such as a review of ‘favorite websites’ submitted by our members - may also take place when time allows.”

User group business.

We use a small amount of time at each general meeting to conduct some group business.  This usually involves reports from our officers and appointed volunteers like our Website, training, and community service.

The show!

We typically schedule at least two presentations per evening on computer related topics expected to be of interest to our membership such as software and hardware advancements; new computer trends; security awareness and applications; and other requested topics. Members are encouraged to submitted topic ideas and to do a presentation on subjects they know well that may be of interest to our group.

The prizes!

Door prizes are offered to SacPCUG members who attend the general meeting. Most prizes are provided by the Group, but occasionally members or an outside vendor or presenter will donate new items for prizes. Members receive a numbered ticket prior to the meeting which, if it matches a “drawn” ticket number, entitles the member to a prize.”